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6,30 meters, the higher OMS machine ever made

6,30 meters, the higher OMS machine ever made

Our distributor Gordian Strapping has provided a stretch hooder for Sheffield based timber merchants and animal bedding suppliers McClure Timber Supplies t/a Greenwood Forest Products. Standing 6300mm from the floor, it is the tallest OMS manufactured stretch hooding machine in the UK.

McClure required a stretch hooder for baled sawdust and baled wood shavings for cattle, horses and other livestock to improve presentation and pack security in transit and also to enable pallets to be stored outside without risk of water ingress.  With space at a premium, a high level of engineering knowledge and ingenuity were required to find a solution that met the clients’ need with a minimum of fuss and down-time.

Gordian Strapping installed an OMS manufactured IS43 stretch hooder off the conveyor centre line because of space restrictions and incorporated a specially designed shuttle conveyor to enable the packages to be positioned correctly for hooding.

The benefits were many:

greater pack security with the product now secured firmly to the pallet,

no sideways movement in transport,

the ability to hood packs in line straight after the baler,

Improved visible pack presentation and ultimately less returns and less damage as the pack remains in exactly the same condition it leaves McClure’s. McClure’s Owner and Managing Director, Richard McClure feels the solution has been a real boon to his company.

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