Type of machines

ISM300 – 600

ISM300 – 600

This machine, specific for the corrugated cardboard converting industry, was designed to be installed on the outgoing side of case-makers and fold-and-glue equipment for the application of straps in the direction of flow. In fact, after the pack of cardboard boxes comes out of the case-maker, it is conveyed, compacted sideways, and kept perfectly squared up to the strapping area.

When the pack is well aligned, it is then pushed and evened out at the front and then pressed until it reaches the straps which come down vertically at the center of the conveyor.

Because of the inertia of the moving pack, the straps are dragged so as to complete the perimeter of the pack in the direction of travel. A pair of vertical arms position the strap close to the head, thus completing the strapping cycle by cutting and heat welding the strap on the pack.

Strap tension can be adjusted through a mechanical device.

The reliable and very resistant strapping can be easily removed without the use of cutting tools.

Thanks to a free-standing strip about 15 mm. long coming out of the welded area, the strap can be removed without effort when it becomes necessary to use the boxes (the 626 safety regulation warns against the use of cutting tools in packaging lines, since they are the cause of 90% of injuries).

The new ISM strapping machine uses an economic polypropylene strap with the topmost efficiency, it has a very reliable operative system and requires only a minimal and simple maintenance.

Standard accessories:

  • Motorized roller conveyor;
  • Side evening-out devices with an independent motorized system (to move the strapping position);
  • Motorized front pusher, controlled by inverter and encoder;
  • Upper manual compressing device with idle rollers system;
  • Pneumatic press with a variable starting position;
  • In line vertical strapping head (for 5X0,35mm PP strap);
  • Single coil holder for coils with an inner diameter of 150 or 200 mm;
  • Strap pre-tensing system;
  • Manual machine translation device;
  • Pack self-learning system;
  • System to move the strapping position.
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