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Press Master GLS

Press Master GLS

The vertical press/strapping machine model Press Master GLS automatically applies vertical straps to palletised product which needs to be kept together during transport, handing and warehousing.

System conceived and designed with a compression force up to 2,4t, especially for the Hollow glass industry and build with rack & pinion drive with an adjustable press platten speed up to 200 mm/sec via inverter.

The basic design can be integrated (build in) in the customer conveyor system, or equipped with OMS conveyors.

It can be equipped with the SONIC Plus or TR1400 / TR1400HD, TR1800 strapping heads (our international patents) which automatically perform the operations of launching, recovering, tensioning, welding and cutting of the strap.

This machine allows to perform in a single cycle simultaneously vertical strap (according to the chosen configuration) with a polyester or polypropylene strap. It can be added on to existing automatic lines where it exchanges input and output signals with the devices installed upstream and downstream the line.


Available options:

Service function (hinged 90°)
Closed lower strap tracks
Preselection pallet height
Fully automatic strap loading system
Fully automatic strap exchange system
Fully automatic strap refeeding function
Pre-scanning end of strap
Automatic safety Lock system (Duo)
Chain conveyor
Lifting and turn cross
Turntale with rollers or chains
Centering device
Machine translation group

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