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Automatic ring wrapping machine, ø3400 mm w/h single coil.

• The carbon “ring” technology, allows to execute the wrapping cycle to be carried out without moving the pallet and, consequently, without endangering its stability or damaging the load, while guaranteeing a high production capacities.

• Possibility to start and stop the wrapping cycle at any height of the pallet load.

• Possibility to implement specific wrapping sequences and work cycles.

• Pre-stretching unit driven by a high performing brushless motor to ensure the highest operation response. Possibility of adjusting the percentage of pull in all phases of the wrapping cycle and thus guaranteeing uniform load holding. The machine is supplied with a choice of 3 pairs of pulleys in order to obtain the following pre-stretching percentages: 100%/150%/200%/250%/300%.

• The film cutting and welding system is composed of a group with infrared emitter. The welding cycle can take place at any point or at any height of the load ensuring the absence of a film tail. Ideal solution for the storage of packaging in automatic warehouses.

• The tubular machine structure, contains the counterweights that guarantee high operating speed and high reliability on suspended loads.

• The descent phase of the up and down ring frame is protected by a group of 4 photocells which run a shape control throughout the downward motion.

• The cutting and welding advancement crosspiece is mounted on an anti-collision and anti-roll counter-frame, in order to avoid any risk due to irregular loads.

• Use of standard and world-wide available components, compliant with EC safety standards.


– Double coil (Twin)
– Gravity stabilizer press;
– Roping device



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