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In the last few years the tiles sector has reached new horizons, redefining new qualitative and dimensional limits. In a short time, the standard sizes have been overtaken by the big sizes, obliging consequently, the manufacturers to renew or enlarge their products range in order to satisfy the growth in demand. Marpak (OMS Group) a leading company in the end of line and packaging solutions, in synergy with the OMS’ R&D department, makes a leap forward, ahead of time, developing new self-sizing packaging lines to process new dimensions.The first line has been created for CERAMICA FONDOVALLE (Modena, Italy), a leading company in high quality porcelain-stoneware tiles and slabs production and distribution. The challenge was hard. Produce a single plant able to run different sizes. 3600mm X 1750mm for the crate palletized products and 3200mm X 800mm for the rack-palletized slabs with height up to 2mts and a weight up to 3, 5 tons. Totally provided by Marpak, the line is composed by different in-line machines able to run, automatically, a random production. The first part of the line includes dedicated loading areas, followed by horizontal 06 and vertical 08 strapping machines, tasked of ensuring at the rack, the fragile and precious slabs, while an automatic corner applicator device, protects the edges. The second part of the line is dedicated to protect the products from external factors. Composed by loading areas for all the other products, it includes self-sizing machines AT05+AT04 able to cover, with a protection film, 5 sides of the packages. A special thermo-shrinking machine FT54 warm the film, creating a solid and strong block. This cutting-edge packaging line is able to reach a productivity of 20 packs per hour. The result in terms of protection and aesthetics makes the MARPAK line, your best choice for the big sizes. OMS GROUP, a matter of packaging.
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