CCE 2023 - Munich
February 27, 2023

CCE 2023 – Munich

The CCE – International Corrugated & Carton Exhibition – in Munich is the international European trade fair for the corrugated and folding carton industry.

Many companies attend to get the latest product, designs and innovations for the industry and present the latest technologies and trends. It is an excellent opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet and conduct business.

OMS Group will participate in this edition and show important news!
You can’t miss this date. Stay tuned!

From 14 and 16 March 2023, our Sales people, will be happy to welcome you at Hall B6 – Booth 2230

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ALL4PACK2022 - Paris
November 17, 2022

ALL4PACK2022 – Paris

Building tomorrow’s world today: this is the challenge we face daily.

ALL4PACK is the go-to trade fair for the innovative and sustainable packaging solutions offers to the visitors a thoroughly comprehensive package. Packaging, processing, printing and logistics: these four areas of expertise cover all industry needs.

OMS Group will be attend at this edition, together with its French distributor GETRA S.a.s., to present its novelties! Don’t miss this appointment. Stay tuned!

From 21 till 24 Novembre, our Sales staff will be happy to welcome you at:
Hall 5A – Booth E137

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October 10, 2022


BAUMA is the worldwide platform of construction industry.

The global industry in one place: BAUMA is the most important meeting place for companies involved in construction machinery, building material machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and equipment. As leading platform, it provides a complete market overview in its full spectrum.

OMS Group will attend at this edition and present important news! Do not miss this appointment. Stay tuned!

Between 24 and 30 October, our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at:
Hall C1 – Booth 438

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September 16, 2022


TECNA 2022 The international exhibition of technologies and supplies for surfaces


TECNA is a global platform that attracts key industry players from around the world, in search of greater competitiveness and production efficiency, the latest trends and the most advanced technological innovations for decoration and design, large formats, full digital, environmental sustainability.

Most of buyers will come from: Asia, Middle East, Africa, the Mediterreanean Area, Europe and Latin America.

OMS Group, as usual, will attend at this edition and present important news! Do not miss this appointment. Stay tuned!

Between 27 and 30 september, our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at:
Hall D1 – booth 008

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September 2, 2022



GLASSTEC sets new standards in every respect.
With a focus on the top growth markets in the glass industry, here the trends are set that will move the future. This event is industry’s leading meeting place and showcase for technical developments and the absolute worldwide hot spot.

OMS Group will attend at this edition and present important news! Do not miss this appointment. Stay tuned!

Between 20 and 23 september, our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at:
Hall13 – booth F64
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April 19, 2022


IPACK-IMA is the exhibition organized by Ipack Ima Srl, joint venture between UCIMA and Fiera Milano.

It has strongly established itself as a specialized meeting point in Europe, for processing and packaging, thanks to the partnership between the leading European trade fair operator and the industry association of reference for the sector, with a strong strategic value.

The shows also leverage UCIMA’s international relation network as well as the planning and operational support provided by its member companies, giving rise to specialized events in line with the expectations of international clients.

OMS Group will attend in this edition, the first after the long post-pandemic period, ensuring compliance with the rules imposed by the contingent situation.

We will present important news! You cannot miss this appointment. Stay tuned!

Between 03 and 06 May 2022, our Sales staff will be happy to welcome you at:
Hall 6Booth A17 / B18

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CCE 2022 - Munich
February 25, 2022

CCE 2022 – Munich

CCE International it has firmly established itself as a specialized European meeting point for this industry.

This fair is focusses solely on manufacturing and converting corrugated and cartonboard.

CCE International is a unique platform to present our most up-to-date machines and technologies to a specialized public who intends to improve their production processes and find practical solutions to implement new product ideas.

OMS Group will participate in this edition, the first after the post-COVID period, ensuring compliance with the rules imposed by the current situation.
We will present important news! You cannot miss this appointment. Stay tuned!

Between 15 and 17 March 2022, our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at Hall A4 – booth 2246

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OMG Group & LAPP
May 31, 2021

OMG Group & LAPP

A “wired” collaboration for success

End-of-line packaging is an essential operation for the safe handling and transport of products. Efficiency, flexibility and precision are the requirements that modern secondary packaging systems must meet in order to ensure maximum productivity levels, even in the last operational phases of the supply chain.

OMS Group, a world player in the production of systems for the packaging of palletized products, is perfectly aware of this, which for over 20 years has relied on LAPP, a leader in the development and production of integrated solutions in connection and wiring technology, for the wiring of the various types of machines that make up its offer.

“The quality and reliability of LAPP products are certainly the pillars on which our consolidated relationship is based” comments Maurizio Alessi, OMS Marketing Manager who continues “Furthermore, knowing and using LAPP cables for so long has allowed us to implement scale economies in order to optimize the design of our machinery, in terms of electrical components, according to their specific characteristics “and concludes” From this point of view, the easy availability on a global scale represents for us, as International group, one of the main advantages together with the wide UL and CSA certified range for the North American market “.

“OMS & LAPP” are two international companies which share the idea that developing custom solutions is a real added value for their customers, state Gaetano Grasso, Head of Product Management and Marketing of LAPP, who adds” This is the premise of our a relationship that also includes supporting OMS in the design and construction of highly performing end-of-line packaging machines “and concludes” For this reason, in the selection of the ideal supplier for the packaging of the cable reels of the new logistics center of Hanover, LAPP Germany has relied on the validity of the personalized proposals of OMS ”.

A partnership based on excellence and mutual collaboration, also evidenced by the choice by LAPP to adopt OMS solutions for its new logistics center in Hannover.

“Thanks to its expertise, OMS-IPS (German branch of OMS Group) was able to configure and install our” dream machine “which combines, in a single workstation, both strapping (08RP model) and operations for hood, with shrink film (AT53 model), thus allowing us to reduce the use of film, where permitted “says Andreas Gesse, Head of Logistics Center 3 in Hannover, of LAPP Germany who continues” A solution that allows you to package products with a diameter of up to 120 cm, with a speed of 80 packs per hour, double compared to the machines used previously “and concludes” Finally, given the particularly delicate historical period, it acquires even more value that they have strictly respected delivery times, in addition to the timeliness of local technical assistance service “.

OMS GROUP a matter of packaging.

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August 26, 2020


In the last few years the tiles sector has reached new horizons, redefining new qualitative and dimensional limits. In a short time, the standard sizes have been overtaken by the big sizes, obliging consequently, the manufacturers to renew or enlarge their products range in order to satisfy the growth in demand. Marpak (OMS Group) a leading company in the end of line and packaging solutions, in synergy with the OMS’ R&D department, makes a leap forward, ahead of time, developing new self-sizing packaging lines to process new dimensions.The first line has been created for CERAMICA FONDOVALLE (Modena, Italy), a leading company in high quality porcelain-stoneware tiles and slabs production and distribution. The challenge was hard. Produce a single plant able to run different sizes. 3600mm X 1750mm for the crate palletized products and 3200mm X 800mm for the rack-palletized slabs with height up to 2mts and a weight up to 3, 5 tons. Totally provided by Marpak, the line is composed by different in-line machines able to run, automatically, a random production. The first part of the line includes dedicated loading areas, followed by horizontal 06 and vertical 08 strapping machines, tasked of ensuring at the rack, the fragile and precious slabs, while an automatic corner applicator device, protects the edges. The second part of the line is dedicated to protect the products from external factors. Composed by loading areas for all the other products, it includes self-sizing machines AT05+AT04 able to cover, with a protection film, 5 sides of the packages. A special thermo-shrinking machine FT54 warm the film, creating a solid and strong block. This cutting-edge packaging line is able to reach a productivity of 20 packs per hour. The result in terms of protection and aesthetics makes the MARPAK line, your best choice for the big sizes. OMS GROUP, a matter of packaging.
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December 2, 2019


Our distributor, Gordian Strapping, has supplied a new vertical plastic strapping machine and slat conveyor to Wienerberger at their plant in Ewhurst.

Wienerberger is the world’s largest producer of bricks, and the No. 1 producer of clay roof tiles in Europe, with 229 plants in 27 countries.

The Ewhurst factory required a new strapping machine to replace an ageing system that had reached the end of its working life. The site also needed a new slat conveyor underneath the stretch hooding machine to replace the previous conveyor that had not proven to be robust enough for the demanding environment of a clay brick factory.

Gordian installed an OMS TS300 vertical strapping machine, equipped with the latest generation TR2000 strapping head, along with a test rig and a spare strapping head. The spare head can be introduced into the line in the event of a breakdown, or to allow production to continue while another head is serviced off-line on the test rig.

The OMS TR2000 Head, which can apply a max. tension of 7000N (700kg) is designed for use with Polyester Strapping (PET) and is proven through- out the building products industry. It features quick-change modular parts that can be swapped out within 5 minutes in the event of a fault, there- by minimizing downtime. Heat Seal technology means that the head can be quickly adjusted to suit different strap specifications, and a major service is only required every 200,000 cycles. The strapping machine is equipped with an OMS PBTR Turntable Jumbo Strap Dispenser holding 7 coils of strap. With 4,500m of strap on each coil, rather than 1,500m on a standard coil of strap, downtime due to coil changes is kept to a minimum.

Gordian is as an existing supplier to Wienerberger with a proven track record of installing and maintaining strapping and stretch hooding equipment. With 16 highly trained service engineers based across the UK, Gordian is well placed to offer after sales service and support.

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ECOMONDO 2019 - Rimini
October 30, 2019

ECOMONDO 2019 – Rimini

From the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development. All sectors of the circular economy on a single platform.

The benchmark event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy on a single platform: from the recovery of materials and energy to sustainable development.

The event helps companies become world leaders in innovation, promoting the development of an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

ECOMONDO supports the companies to make contact with the most skilled national and international buyers and work all year with a targeted community with the leading experts in the circular economy.

The OMS group will participate for the first time presenting a strapping kit suitable to meet the needs of the waste sector. Don’t miss this appointment!

Between 5 and 8 Nov, 2019 our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at Hall A3 – booth 181

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October 15, 2019



OMS Group was on stage at the FEFCO Technical Seminar in Geneva with their new Generation of an modular intelligent High Speed Pallet Strapping Press for an INDUSTRY 4.0 automation.

The Fully Automatic High Performance System PRESS MASTER PLUS are equipped with an,

  • Intelligent Compression Speed
  • Intelligent Compression Force
  • Intelligent Compression Height
  • Intelligent Ultra Sonic Sealing Head SONIC Plus

to optimize your Packing Result & Reducing your Costs.

We manage with our new “OMS Intelligent COMPRESSION Control”

of the load with the result that you will get the Highest Load Securement & optimized Load Height.

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Our First 70th years
September 18, 2019

Our First 70th years

This year, OMS celebrate its 70th year of foundation with a series of events specifically thought of for this important moment.

OMS Group is a world leader for end-of-line packaging of palletized products for all market sectors. In addition to the Italian headquarter the Group consists in 11 subsidiaries based in Italy, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.




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LIGNA 2019 - Hannover
May 13, 2019

LIGNA 2019 – Hannover

LIGNA is the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry. The show will have a strong focus on the role of automation and digitization in combining the customer-centricity of product individualization with the economies of scale of large-series production. Apart from digitization, the main drivers of this boom for wood-industry technology suppliers are the worldwide megatrends of sustainable building and urbanization.

OMS Group is participating in this edition, presenting a packaging machine suitable for satisfying the multiple needs of the wood sector. You can’t miss this appointment!

Between 27 and 31 May, 2019 our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at Hall 26 – stand E08

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BAUMA 2019 - Munich
March 22, 2019

BAUMA 2019 – Munich

BAUMA is more than the world’s leading trade fair: it is the heartbeat of the industry. It sets the pace. Dynamizes the market. And drives business. With one paramount goal: to always already focus on the next challenge. Because it’s not just about the status quo, but about the future.

Because it’s not just about individual perspectives, but about the big picture: the construction, building material, mining machine industry, all related accessories in its full dimension.

OMS Group is participating in this edition, presenting a packaging line suitable for satisfying the multiple needs of the sector. You can’t miss this appointment!

Between 08 and 14 April, 2019 our Sales staff, will be happy to welcome you at Hall C1 – stand 238

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